Cajun Cuisine & Cajun Chicken

Some of the Best Cajun Food on This Side of the Bayou

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Get a taste of New Orleans cuisine without ever leaving Texarkana, AR. Eat Cajun chicken, sausage and seafood so good you'll want to order extra to take home. Visit Meomyo's Bayou Cafe for real Cajun cuisine made with love by a skilled chef. We serve up great food and fun for your weekday lunch.

The Cajun creed of great cuisine

Cajuns know how to get creative in the kitchen, but they still have some rules for cooking up authentic Cajun food. Here are a few:

  • Onion, bell pepper and celery are the "Holy Trinity" of Cajun cuisine
  • Garlic, paprika and parsley should be used on nearly everything
  • Cajun food isn't truly Cajun unless it packs a little heat

Whether you're craving Cajun chicken and sausage gumbo or crawfish étouffée, you can find an authentic rendition of traditional Cajun dishes at our Texarkana, AR restaurant. Call 870-330-9109 now to ask about our menu.