Due to their calm temperament, these gentle giants are good with young families. However, they often favor one person.

Bernese Mountain Dog

S*x and the City's Charlotte needed one. Quiet, friendly, and adorable, toy breeds are ideal city pets. They rarely speak.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Same for English. Since they'd rather sleep on the sofa, the bigger dogs won't talk much. Try waking them up for anything!


The basenji is called the "barkless dog" because it makes so little noise, but it's not mute. Hounds make strange yodels when they speak.


"Quiet and catlike," Borzois stand out with their elegance. Greyhound-like dogs can sprint up to 40 mph, so they shouldn't be off leash until they're trained.


While they're most widely known as part of the popular doge meme, Shibas won't be saying "much wow" anytime soon. Dogs are quiet until they "Shiba scream."

Shiba Inu

Despite their name, Aussies are smart and active. Herders will alert their owners if they see something wrong or someone acting out, but they won't bark at nothing.

Australian Shepherd

If you adopt a red-coated setter for hunting, their vocalizations are limited to tracking prey. They're energetic but sweet because they're bred to work.

Irish Setter

Salukis are independent but quiet. Hounds are loyal and fast. They'll work hard with direction and exercise.


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