Bichons are hypoallergenic and charming. This 15-pound playmate doesn't take up much couch space.

Bichon Frise

Pugs' homebody nature makes apartment living easy. Pugs' love of food and couch potato tendencies make them prone to obesity, so watch out for extreme temperatures and limit treats.


Bulldogs are known for laziness despite their muscled bodies. Their friendly, loyal nature will make brisk walks work for exercise. Short-faced people don't like hot cities.


Shih Tzus, originally bred for Chinese palaces, will happily live in your modest home. Parents, these friendly pups love kids and other dogs.

Shih Tzu

You'll find a shorter coat here. The Boston terrier—nicknamed "the American gentleman"—deserves its title. This small breed is playful, compact, and eager to please.

Boston Terrier

Consider a Yorkie's younger cousin. 1980s-bred Biewer (pronounced "beaver") Terriers are calm. The 4–8-pound cutie is one-handed.

Biewer Terrier

This Mediterranean-born, all-white dog weighs half as much as the Havanese (under 7 pounds vs. 13). They're natural playmates. Maltese rarely shed their long coats.


This spitz is devoted. Take care with these attentive fellows. If you're not careful, they'll bark at strangers. Fortunately, they're eager to please and learn.

German Spitz

Last but not least, the Chinese Crested. The hairless "powderpuff" is hypoallergenic and has a silky coat. Avoid UV exposure.

Chinese Crested

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