Miniature poodles and Malteses produced this pup. They're active and cute.


The doge meme made the internet love Shiba Inus. Seeing that fluffy face makes them "amaze."

Shiba Inu

Basenjis, the "barkless dog," chortle to alert their owners. Bonus: The unusual hounds shed little, keeping your clothes fur-free.


The Queen of England has great dog taste. Elizabeth II's love for corgis is unmatched—had she's over 30!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

One cute husky is great, but a whole sled team of them is even better. You should just be ready for their enormous vitality.

Siberian Husky

Defy that wrinkled face and squished muzzle! The cuteness factor is amplified by the curly tail.


This herding dog of medium size is not only endearing, but also exudes an air of refined sophistication. Right on target for a waterfowl breed!

Border Collie

If the attitude doesn't win you over, the big, soulful eyes and the floppy ears certainly will. The dogs of this breed are famously devoted to their owners.

Shih Tzu

A miniature poodle and a Maltese were used to create this designer dog. They are beloved for their charming personalities and boundless energy.


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