Ditch the morning shower

Daily shampooing can make your hair look dull and lifeless as you age because your scalp and hair tend to get drier. Instead of harsher products, sulfate-free ones are best.

Maintain a healthy hair moisture balance

 As hair ages—especially if you have grays—it becomes rougher and requires more bathing care. Every shampoo should condition older people's hair.

Accept your skin for what it is

Instead of changing your hair texture beyond 45, appreciate it. Less time spent straightening waves or putting hair in rollers is better for it. Dry hair breaks easier.

Wear fringes

Bangs are the solution to aging lines and wrinkles, not Botox. Bangs can hide forehead wrinkles, flatter your face, and showcase your bone structure.

Don't fear hair oils

Hair oils can calm age-related frizz without making hair limp or lifeless. oil-based solutions for aging hair to maintain it soft, lustrous, and manageable.

Cut your hair short

If you're over 45, you don't have to get a short cut, but you can. As your face matures, a well-cut pixie can highlight your eyes and cheekbones.

Prevent sun damage to your hair

Wear sunblock every day. The same goes for hair. Applying sunblock first helps prevent dryness and lightening in older hair. UV-protection creams can prevent UV damage and frizz.

Warm the style with caution

If you can't quit heat styling, use a hair protection product first. Never dry your hair without something. Coat it. Direct heat won't work. Heat protection prolongs hair life.

Raise the decibel level

To look younger, volumize your cut. Root volumizers revitalize and nourish hair. Avoid volumizing shampoo: Body-boosting shampoos harm hair. It's alkaline, but you're drying it.

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