Drab describes this sign's style. They think looks doesn't matter because they're ruled by reason. Thus, a Virgo may be unattractive and dress poorly.

They may take a fashion course if they intend to focus on fashion. After that, they'll apply the idea and become fashion experts.


This sign conjures clothing memories. Their costumes may be misconstrued, but they're OK.Cancers dress according to their mood, thus they may wear a tracksuit to work,

stay in a dressing gown, or layer everything to feel the warmth and comfort of memories. Dressing for oneself is more essential than designer names or prices.


This sign's dualism may add an unexpected—or mismatched—element to its apparel. Geminis' clothing are charming and eccentric. Geminis dress like children,

preferring large statements and clashing colors over style and couture.This sign doesn't stare at itself. Shiny things distract them. Statement jewelry and sets that clash are appealing.


Saggitarius prefers planning vacations than dressing. The fierce archer values functionality over looks. As long as their soul is content, they don't care what they look like -

climbing mountains or rafting white water rapids.They don't have room for clothing that won't support them on a rock climb or multi-day backpacking excursion.


Capricorns' clothes may not mislead you, but they may tire you. Capricorns, ruled by Saturn, choose comfort over fashion.

Earth tones, which are minimalist, suit their classic, serious demeanor.This sign won't strive to stand out with fashion, but they will through work.

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