Cancers hate fighting—especially with loved ones. If you caused an issue or aren't important, they may hold a grudge but normally make peace. Time enough.

After processing, they'll resolve the issue.Cancer restores their closest bonds.Because they loathe being apart from family, they'll simply extend an olive branch.


Aquarius's objectivity enables them forgive. They hate fighting and will forgive to restore a relationship, especially if it serves humanity or a friend.

Airsigns always look ahead. They love problem-solving and going forward. Holding onto something too long hinders innovation. They may forgive for a good reason.


Geminis are versatile socialites. This helps people empathize, consider both perspectives, and forgive. Despite protecting themselves, they move faster than others.

They get over fights faster than most.They're not serious either, so whatever upset them won't last. Air signs are forgiving. Good times may speed forgiveness.


Sagittarius is forgiving because to their laid-back lifestyle. They're continually trying new things and don't have time for ill will.

If they like you or you can entertain or adventure with them, Sagittarius will forgive you. They hate being trapped in an argument, therefore they'll forgive you as soon as possible.


Libra wants everyone to be happy. Libra seeks peace and fairness, thus they forgive readily.They need balance, so they'll evaluate all perspectives without hesitation.

They'll take things to heart yet wish to move on and start fresh. Libra appreciates second opportunities for honest apologies and action.

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