Having Extremely Long Hair

Drying and damage can occur to longer hair due to heat, sun, and product accumulation.

For healthier, fuller hair, a trim once every eight weeks is recommended. Unhealthy-looking damage to the hair. Shoulder-grazing styles benefit with layers and bangs.

Going To Dark

Single-process, all-dark hair color, without any highlights or lowlights, can be very abrasive. It's tempting to cover up gray hair as we get older,

but dyes like black and dark brown can actually make your complexion look duller. Instead, use highlights to add depth and vitality to your face and hair.

Being Way Too Dim

Bleach blonde is out. Mature hair is especially susceptible to breakage and dryness. Extra-light hair can wash out the complexion, making it look older. 

If you're a natural blonde but want to darken your hair for a more flattering look, lowlights may be the way to go.

Overuse of Products

Hair products are tricky. Too many products can overburden your hair and weigh it down, dragging down your face. 

For dry hair, you need a nourishing hair oil; for heat damage, a heat protector; for busy days, a dry shampoo; and for special occasions, a hair spray.

Neglecting Damage

Hair may be damaged over years. Split ends, dryness, and brittle hair affect color, cut, and styling. 

Use pre-styling heat products, prevent blow-drying, decrease root-to-tip coloring, or invest in a high-quality deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair healthy and silky.

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