Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are aggressive. Its humans are kind and silly. Only dangerous strangers bother most. Dobermans naturally guard. Systematic training can make your dog a wonderful guard dog.


Rottweilers are another aggressive breed. This breed can be a silly lovebug or a fierce defender. If you trust a Rottweiler, the dog will be loyal and affectionate. 

Rotties don't trust outsiders until they're sure they're safe. When taught, this dog makes a good guard dog. It needs socialization, structure, and a purpose.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian ridgeback's strong familial bond makes it protective. This magnificent dog loves you. Protective breeds don't need guard dog training. This dog requires basic obedience.

German Shepherd

A popular police and military working dog is the German shepherd. Family loyalty is strong in this breed. Training is essential for guard dogs like these.

In order to avoid anxiety and worry, socializing your German shepherd is essential. This dog also need two hours of exercise per day.

Cane Corso

Italian cane corsos were guard, battle, and hunting dogs. Its bulk, weight, and dark bark deter intruders. The breed guards. Training should emphasize compliance and natural talents.


Bullmastiffs dissuade poachers. This massive breed frightens invaders. A good companion, this dog adores its family. Bullmastiffs need structured training as natural protectors.

Belgian Malinois

This energetic dog lives on work. It needs particular training and socializing to feel comfortable in new surroundings. This dog needs daily exercise.


This breed takes guarding seriously and usually does it without training. It needs obedience or guard dog training. Like all dogs, it needs socialization to avoid violence or uptightness.

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