Collies' crisis barking includes Lassie, little boys, and wells. However, their barking usually serves a purpose, so humans listen! Protect their families, human and canine. 


With enough play and exercise, Irish Setters rarely bark. Maintaining their activity is crucial. Tired dogs are happy and quiet, especially Setters! 

irish setter

Frenchies are popular apartment dogs that don't bark. They love their packs and play.  They won't bark if given enough attention and training. Even knocks are quiet! 

french bulldog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are quiet, family-friendly working dogs. Their growl and size deter intruders. They're sweet with their families but intimidating to others. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Great Pyrenees doesn't need to make a lot of noise because of their large size and stubbornness. Although calm, their intimidating size and alert, protective natures are a warning. 

Great Pyrenees

Slim, elegant Whippets misbehave silently. Dogs hunt small animals quietly. They steal food discreetly. If full, these pups will cuddle with their families! 


Shar Pei puppies are calm and independent. They relax at home and only speak when alarmed. They were Chinese guard dogs, but their quiet presence probably deterred intruders! 

Shar Pei

Rhodesian Ridgebacks may look intimidating, but they rarely bark. They'll put their massive bodies between a threat and their loved ones. Stay away from their warm, expressive faces! 

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Basenjis aren't mute. Though they rarely bark, their singing, yodeling alarm call can warn humans of danger. They are alert and tireless hunting dogs that were favored by the ancient Pharaohs. 


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