Chihuahuas love laps. These lively dogs need little exercise. Chihuahuas are healthy. Grooming is minimal for long-haired Chihuahuas. It's temperamental.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels griffons are cute, silly dogs. Despite vitality, they need little exercise. Basic training tames their sass.Brushing is enough. Healthy and well-behaved.

French Bulldog

Frenchies are ideal loafers. French bulldogs are the happiest dogs. While energetic, they lack endurance. This breed needs moderate daily exercise, but avoid outdoor activities in hot or humid weather.


Dachshunds cuddle. Dachshunds must learn stubbornness. This breed needs moderate activity. Running and jumping may worsen spinal abnormalities in short-legged, long-bodied children.


Contrary to popular belief, this racing dog is calm. Greyhounds enjoy reclining with their owners. They don't need much exercise but like daily walks and occasional runs. Greyhounds are generally healthy.


Mastiffs are large, slow-moving dogs. Juvenile mastiffs are calm and silly. As they age, they grow lazier and more aloof yet still love their families.


Bullmastiffs are big, active dogs. It's long-lived like the mastiff. Bullmastiffs are energetic but less durable than mastiffs. This breed thrives on walks. Otherwise, this dog lounges.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier is kind, friendly, versatile, and will always look like a puppy. This small-to-medium canine loves snuggling with humans and other dogs.They're couch-friendly and low-shedding.


Poodles have three sizes. They adapt to people. Low-maintenance versatility. Owners and dogs are active. Regularly brushing and clipping poodles prevents matting.

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