Basset Hound

Bassets love and resist. Non-allergic. Drool with enormous jowls. They salivate more on skin, soft furnishings, and other objects. Exposure allergenizes this breed.


If you don't have allergies, dobermans are trainable security dogs. Burns often. Single-coated gigantic dogs shed less. Allergic Dobies. Dog allergies dry skin and dandruff.

German Shepherd

GSDs always sell. Smart, brave, obedient, and eager. Allergy-prone dog. They shed most. They lose hair twice a year. This big dog's fur sweats, causing dandruff.

Siberian Husky

Common huskies. Beautiful, athletic, and friendly, they are ideal for busy households but may cause allergies. Huskies shed everywhere. Arctic fur heats.

Labrador Retriever

Smart, loyal dogs are great pets. They're allergic. It sheds. Skin often peels. To prevent indoor dander and allergy flare-ups, let your water-loving Lab swim often.


Pekingese admirers love their loyalty, affection, and enthusiasm. Their tenacity and long-shedding coat make house training difficult for allergy patients. 


Pugs shed year-round. Their wrinkled, flat snout slobbers over their jowls. Pugs' dry skin and allergies cause dander. Skin wrinkles can harbor bacteria. 

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are affectionate and faithful, making them nanny dogs. They still pose a triple allergy threat. Giant breed. Dander increases with dog size. 

Cocker Spaniel

Breeding bird-hunting cocker spaniels. Despite allergies, they were good mid-sized family dogs. Beautiful, long-haired dogs drool and shed dandruff. This breed may shed dander.

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