Apply your cosmetics in a cool area

Makeup application in a hot, humid atmosphere is a hassle and a waste of time. Simple to fix. Ten minutes before applying makeup, turn on the small clip-on fan in your cosmetic vanity. 

This easy adjustment moves the air about the room, making it more bearable and useful. You can apply makeup without worrying about it sliding off.

Set up a base

Even in summer, you need a daily moisturizer under makeup. Apply a lightweight sunscreen-containing moisturizer before makeup on hot days.Use a little moisturizer and sunscreen.

Use Primer

In hot weather, don't skip primer. On hot summer days, primer keeps makeup in place. To prolong makeup, it protects the skin.

Make use of a liquid base

liquid foundation is the best option for hot and humid weather. Liquid foundations that are both waterproof and lightweight are ideal for warmer weather. Don't ever put on a cream base.

Eyeshadow hack

Use your favorite liquid matte lipstick as eyeshadow for all-day wear. Since lipstick may be used as blush, you can create a trendy monochromatic makeup look.

Set Your Look

Setting follows priming. Apply loose powder around the nostrils, where makeup disappears first. Finishing spray adds security.  and Dermablend Lock. Makeup stays put with a few sprays.

Touch Up 

Touch-ups are necessary no matter how expertly you apply makeup for heat. Duncan's routine works. Stop sweating by cooling down. Blot extra shine with blotting sheets.

Smooth foundation and blush with a brush or sponge. Apply concealer beneath the eyes and over imperfections if needed. Powder and setting spray. 

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