Cover your hair to avoid sun damage

Silver is especially fragile. Gray hair lacks melanin, which protects it from the sun.Sun-damaged gray hair becomes dry,

Permanent damage may require removal. Fortunately, it's simple. Wear caps or scarves and use a UV-protected hair mist before leaving the house.

Defend yourself against the salty sea

Strands get damaged after a day at the beach. When you swim in salt water, the moisture in your hair and scalp is stripped away, leaving your hair dry, brittle, 

and susceptible to breakage. If your hair is dry, it will break or split.To avoid this problem, use a leave-in conditioner before getting wet and a clarifying shampoo afterward.

Remember these tips for the pool

Chlorine depletes follicle-filling hair proteins. Minerals irritate the outer layer, darkening hair. The chemical brittles and frizzes.

Avoiding chlorine absorption by shampooing and conditioning hair after swimming, wearing a swim hat, or conditioning before swimming. Combining all three protects.

To reduce the effects of humidity, do this

Heat and humidity may damage fully-pigmented hair. Dry, brittle gray hair is curly. Hydration matters. Apply several natural oils to gray hair after conditioning.

Load your air-bubbled gray hair. Healthy hair shaft hydration reduces air humidity-induced frizz.

Care must be taken not to overwash

As temperatures rise, it can be tempting to shower many times a day in summer. However, overwashing can harm hair. Shampoo and conditioner dry out hair,

making it brittle and breakable. Sulfate- and silicone-free shampoo and conditioner should be used every other day to avoid this.

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