This concentrated zodiac often forgets what they shouted an hour earlier. Twin zodiac signs have two thoughts and wander. 

 Gemini thinks talking out things is the best way. If their opinion is ignored, they sound sarcastic. Geminis strive to understand others even if they've been harmed.


Sagittarius are stubborn, yet they grant second chances. You're out of luck if you waste the two opportunities. They can read any scenario simply listening. 


Aries will be irritated. They will forgive and forget in the early stages of rage. They can fix things and improve your connection. However, do not repeat what you did

because no one can shield you from another outbreak of fury. You wounded Aries, but they probably hurt you too. Aries have trouble understanding others. They forgive quickly.


Aquarius forgives sporadically. Forgiving or not confuses them. They eventually learn to forgive. Emotional baggage suits this zodiac. Aquarius will have a set of requirements.


Libra prioritizes harmony, therefore they forgive readily. They also solve problems using their superior communication abilities and diplomacy. 

This zodiac can be excessively forgiving. Don't be surprised if they apologize for nothing. Libra values balance, self-respect, and not putting up with anything only to keep the peace.


Heart-dependent cancer. If they'll try again. This zodiac will ask what happened, why, and sympathize. This symbol is delicate. They're empathetic and helpful.

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