Taurus enjoys expensive art, food, linens, and wine. Taurus don't like to feel deprived, therefore they'll spend too much on something they need.

They're giving and appreciate gifts, but don't offer them something cheap or poorly manufactured.


Leos like luxury things and shopping. Leo is great at discovering deals because these two activities can drain a money account quickly. They know when to buy particular products.

They even know their preferred stores' best sales.Leos fantasize of a wonderful day of shopping and buying everything they want without thinking.


Libras are sensitive to beauty, thus cheap objects offend them. Libras don't mind shopping at thrift stores, vintage stores, or using apps for gently used designer clothes.

It lasts longer if it's well-made. Libras can spot the valuable china at the thrift store and acquire it for much less than its market value.


Capricorns don't spend money frivolously. They like pricey, high-quality things, therefore they'll save for what they desire.

It may take weeks, months, or longer, but they earned it, making it more special. Capricorn will run throughout town for the greatest price. 


Aquarius prefers pricey electronics and exotic travels over clothes and food. Aquarians can't wait for lower costs on the latest gadgets. They want now.

They also enjoy lavish vacations where they're pampered. Aquarius usually knows how to achieve what they desire without going broke.

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