Since you're so self-conscious, you'd rather not be noticed. Therefore, a mind-controlling cult leader will target you.

You enjoy being cool, and if anyone calls you uncool, you'll be morally shattered. Unless a group supports your interests, you won't care about anything. 


You'll be a better cult member than leader while learning. Scorpio, you're bored of being the boss, and if given the chance, you'd like to be someone's obedient toy.


You depend on others for guidance since you have trouble making decisions. You'd rather follow the crowd than decide.

You have inherent herd mentality, and even if you can be challenging, you conform to others. Cult members always submit to a higher authority.


Organized efforts. If there's a plan, you'll do anything.You're not a cult member, but when a belief makes sense, you're its most ardent disciple for the day.


Because you like socializing, you prefer cults. It's cool until you find the organization you joined is rigorous and wants you to do bad things. 

You cooperate because you're terrified to speak up.You're the perfect follower if you lack self-esteem. You blindly obey.


Your sign, Aquarius, has a hard time establishing its worth. When you can't get anyone to trust you, to believe in you, you'll resort to supporting the more powerful faction.

Because you need acceptance, you join groups, cults, and organizations. Like parasites, you require a host. Better in a cult than alone in the huge, terrifying world.

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