Border Collie

Border collies are smartest. Intelligent, quick-learning, and close-knit canines. They adore work. They require mental activity to avoid boredom. They may damage household things.

German Shepherd

Excellent, obedient German shepherds. German shepherds are famous police dogs. Family dogs. This can become stranger-aggression without training and integration.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers make good pets. They're kind, patient, and enthusiastic. Goldens are obedient. They're smart and receptive to training. They love food and will do everything for a treat.


Vizslas are loyal, intelligent, energetic, and strong. Velcro dogs are obedient and devoted to their owners. Training burns Vizsla energy. Mental and physical dog sports improve them.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors resemble golden retrievers. Another aid dog breed, they're smart, energetic, and quiet. They're great retrievers. Labs train like goldens with treats. Laboratories are obese.

English Springer Spaniel

English springer spaniels are enthusiastic. Active tail-swinging breed. Dog sports involve its keen nose and retrieving ability. Busy families exercise these pets.


The poodle's elegance makes it appealing. Smart and willing, this breed. Poodles like owners and learning. Pleasant training helps them learn hard tricks. Agility is their strength.

Manchester Terrier

Smart, stubborn terriers. Manchester terriers can learn. Training helps working dogs focus. Fun and demanding training can overcome terrier stubbornness.


Smart, friendly, and flexible, the Havanese. It's easier to train than other stubborn tiny dogs. The Havanese is responsive to praise throughout training.

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