Despite being non-sporty, Dalmatians love exercise. Dalmatians need exercise but no history. They chased horses. Legendary firedogs. Dogs preceded sirens.


Their speed and endurance make them great short- and long-distance joggers. They like excitement. Non-exercising Weimaraners may develop behavioral issues or anxiety.


Hunting dogs like vizslas need exercise. This sports dog is fast and durable. The vizsla is heat-tolerant and loyal. It's called the Velcro dog. It's a loyal jogging partner.

Border Collie

Herders like movement. Agile border collies Exercising these canines minimizes frustration. Use dense, winding trails to test your border collie. Heat-tolerant but cooler-loving.

Australian Shepherd

Athletic Australian herders like difficult runs. This breed needs mental and physical challenges. Long runs in hot temperatures are discouraged.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgebacks are hounds with sports dog looks. Africa bred this massive, muscular dog to hunt lions. It's still athletic. Rhodesian ridgebacks run longer and hotter.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky was bred to pull long sleds in snow. This breed runs endlessly. Run with this puppy in cool weather. Huskies cannot run far in warm weather.


Some pointers are athletic and make great running buddies. German shorthaired and wirehaired pointers are examples. These dogs like long runs and warm and cool weather.


Several petite, active terriers take pleasure in lengthy runs. These dogs were raised to be tough and resilient so that they could track down and kill vermin and participate in fox hunts.

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