The key is to take Start small

Starting small is a terrific approach to get used to wearing white if black has traditionally been your go-to color.Start with a pristine white button-down.

To add color to your face, wear a bright silk scarf around your neck.Try white trim on a dark jacket or a white blouse under a dark sweater.

Choose the proper white color

The secret to wearing white is finding the correct tint for your skin tone.A brilliant white with a blush hue may flatter cool-toned complexion. Creamier whites with yellowish

tints may suit warmer undertones.It depends on whether it brightens or tires your face. It's felt when worn. It's the wrong colour if it doesn't make you feel great.


White clothes can be elevated with the appropriate accessories.A neutral brown can tonedown a white outfit. A white dress can be dressed down with a

hat, Italian leather shoe, or heavy brown belt.For a dressier look, pair a white formal with dramatic jewelry, strappy gold heels, and a gold metallic purse.

Find the best option

Denim must fit.White jeans are out, chino or utility pants are in. White's good.ecru utility pants instead of white.should fit loosely and skim your body; pair it with a gorgeous blouse or sweater.

Bring in some color

After 50, white washes your face. Balance with lipstick, accessories, or a brighter layer over the white.Dark clothing are fine! Don't follow trends or dislike things.

Mix fabrics and textures

Choose lightweight, drapey, and figure-flattering fabrics. Stiff textiles might make you look bigger. A lace top or wool coat can lend texture to a white outfit.

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