Makeup contouring

Contouring your jawline helps disguise a double chin.It's usually two tones darker and grey.Outline above and below your jawbone to shape.

Highlight your jawbone with a lighter shade of concealer. Blend that well to avoid harsh lines and color spots. After blending, powder to finish.

Blush strategically

Concealing a double chin with makeup is possible. Well-placed blush also helps. To obtain the double chin, I sprinkle a delicate cheek color on my

temples, cheekbone hollow, and jawline. It completes your complexion and mixes it with the rest of your face. Blend your chin to conceal it.

Consider a lob haircut

Hair can show or hide a double chin.trying a lob. This style will extend the face and neck and hide the problem.Long layers are another option. 

To lighten lengthy hair and draw emphasis to the bottom, I would clip and layer it.short bob. This design highlights your roundness and chin.

Keep hair off of your face

After you've nailed down the perfect cut, you'll want to perfect your style.  Brush or blow hair away from the face. This will keep hair out of your face and out of-

the way of your double chin.Bangs that sweep to one side can help. Your cheekbones, rather than your chin, will be the focal point of focus with this bang.

Maintain a level head

Women used to carry themselves with their chins down too. This can be done through talk, pictures, or just a stroll down the street.

Let forth a grin of relief. You and everyone around you will feel more confident. We assured you it would be simple.

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