You shouldn't wear colors that match the shade of your gray hair. This might make you look older and sap the vitality from your face.

You should instead try to make your makeup look like the other parts of your face. Wearing a color that complements your eye color, such as blue or green, will help draw attention to your eyes.


Dark-eyed people follow that guideline too.Instead of matching your gray hair, highlight your brown or hazel eyes.


Even if grays are allowed, you should choose a color that highlights your best characteristics.Gray clothing and hair should not be worn together.

If your hair is quite light, you should try a charcoal shirt.Those with dark gray hair should try heather gray instead.


Red is a hue that always looks fantastic, regardless of the undertones or color of your eyes.There is nothing more eye-catching than a woman with white-blonde hair

who is dressed in red since the color combination is so stunning. It is really sophisticated to see a woman with silver hair wearing a red sweater or a red dress.


Holden suggests black for chilly undertones. Black is stylish.If it's too stark, turn around.Lavender or warm pink can also enhance cool undertones.


In addition to clothing, certain jewelry tones complement gray exceptionally well. Rose gold earrings really bring out the pink tones in grey hair, thus we recommend them.

There are additional hues that should be avoided, such as white gold and sterling silver, which seem excessively dull when paired with gray hair. 

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