Put on a cap

Wearing a hat is the oldest and most reliable method for covering hairstyles, colors, or lengths. Wearing a large headband is another enjoyable choice.

Pick a hue or cut that appeals to your sense of style or makes you feel most at ease.

Tie your hair back

Instead of letting your hair down, consider a sleek bun without a part to disguise your roots and grays.After using hair gel or pomade, 

Wrap your hair around a high ponytail to make a bun. Pulling your hair back hides those new gray roots until you discover a better solution.

Toss in a new cog

Zigzag sections can hide gray roots.Fun zigzags hide and raise hair. Simple, and the fluff gives your hair body.Part your hair with a comb and zigzag to the back.

Apply henna to your locks

Gray hair is another target of henna's skin-dyeing abilities.Covering gray hair with henna has certain risks, though.

air that has been hennaed might be damaged by chemical processes like bleaching and coloring. Talk to your hairstylist first.

Use a temporary root concealer

Temporary root concealer that matches your hair color is one of the easiest ways to cover gray roots. It's one of the quickest ways to disguise gray hairs

without going to the salon, but it doesn't last.Many root cover-ups are available. Powders, sprays, and color sticks. Each application is straightforward and quick, yet they vary.

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