To protect the home or vehicle, dogs will bark when they see an unfamiliar person. The alarm bark of many dogs serves as a warning to would-be intruders

This is a piercingly loud and commanding bark. When harnessed, this innate propensity can protect one's home and loved ones.


Many dogs appear to use anxious barking as a means of calming themselves. It's typically very loud and sometimes whiny.

Dogs with anxiety issues like separation anxiety, fears and phobias, or general uneasiness may exhibit this form of barking.


In most cases, you can interpret this bark accurately. Some dogs may bark and whine at the same time, mimicking the tone of a whimpering infant.


Puppies and young dogs often engage in this kind of barking behavior. While playing with humans or other dogs, many canines exhibit excessive barking. 

The bark itself has a positive, almost melodious tone. When they are preparing to go for a walk or trip in the car, some dogs will bark joyfully.

Reacting to Dogs

This is a situation that has occurred before. When one dog down the street begins to bark, the rest of the dogs on your block start doing it as well, one by one. 


A dog that is bored will bark only to hear her own voice. It might be unpleasant, but it also has a sorrowful undertone. 

When a dog is bored, it may bark to alleviate its restlessness or to communicate its isolation. They need something to do, and oftentimes a friend, too.

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