Use hydrating shampoo & conditioner

Hair type determines shampoo choice. A volumizing or anti-frizz formula. White hair needs moisture.White hair loses color, making it coarse and dry. 

Moisturize hair using hydrating shampoo and conditioner.Weekly shampooing. This eliminates buildup and makes hair lustrous and silky.

Try keratin

Keratin is a top hairdressing secret for shiny white hair. It strengthens, smooths, and shines hair. Keratin fills hair strand gaps to smooth and eliminate frizz.

If you don't have time for salon treatments, try home keratin. It may not be as good as a professional one, but it will protect your hair from drying out until you see your hairstylist.

A violet toner may help

White hair yellows because it lacks colour. Pollution, sun exposure, and hard water residue can cause this. Luckily, it's simple. Violet toning products

neutralize yellow, drab, and brassy tones. Shampoos, conditioners, masks, and glosses contain toners. Consult your colorist to find the right product.

Precision cuts

White hair suits lobs, bobs, pixies, and layers. All need precision and maintenance. With a smooth, easy-to-maintain cut, silver hair looks elegant. 

Trims silky white hair. Maintain healthy, regularly clipped hair. Frequent cuts reduce split ends, frizz, and maintain hair glossy and full of movement.

Sunscreen your hair

UV exposure damages hair and skin. White hair has less melanin, a sunscreen.  Use a UV-protected hair mist before leaving home. Hats and silk scarves protect hair from the sun.

Use Satin pillowcases

Upgrade your mattress for better hair. Buy satin pillowcases. It feels luxurious, reduces knots, frizz, breakage, and style retention.

Wake up to manageable, frizz-free hair. You'll wake up refreshed to enjoy more silver threads.

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