Shorthaired Abyssinians are lively, friendly cats. These vibrant animals may delight cat-playing kids. The Abyssinian is small enough for older kids. Playful, caring, and family-friendly, this breed.

American Shorthair

Sensitive American shorthairs make ideal family pets. Mousers are fun, energetic, and independent. Youngsters like playing alone or looking out the window.


Bengals' energy makes them fun for kids. Bengals love youngsters and are social and interested. Bengals don't enjoy being held or forced, so kids must learn how to play safely and properly.


Birmans are medium-sized, sleek, and strong. Color-pointed dogs have darker ears, legs, tails, and faces than bodies. Blue-eyed Birman cats have four white paws.


Strong, medium-sized Burmese. Adult Burmese play like kittens. Burmese love kids. Burmese enjoy kids and bustling families. They prefer being with their human family.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is small but friendly and energetic, so older kids may be preferable. Cat-loving kids will adore this laid-back breed. Kids may like the Devon Rex's strange appearance.

Maine Coon

Maine coons are wise, gentle giants. These critters delight calm kids. Cats and cat-friendly dogs get along with them. Kids can teach them tricks with treats because they're so trainable.


Families with children love the Manx, a medium-sized cat with short or long hair. The breed is powerful, social, and fun with respectful children. Manx adore fetching their favorite toys.


Kids enjoy ragdolls, which melt into your arms. The large ragdoll will befriend gentle kids. These cats play pretend, ride in baby strollers, and attend doll tea parties.

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