Chihuahuas live long. Some live 18–20 years after 15 years. Little dogs need exercise, mental stimulation, and training. This breed has heart, dental, and eye issues despite being healthy.


Over-15 Dachshunds are prevalent. Obesity may increase dachshund back problems. Tooth root abscesses and oronasal fistulas might damage their health and quality of life.


Sassy, smart toy poodles make ideal family pets. Don't underestimate their energy or mental stimulation needs for their busy minds. Toy poodles often live 16–18 years.

Toy Poodle

Shih tzus live 14 years or more. These dogs need short walks and fun because they're buddies. They need daily brushing or clipping. The breed suffers from orthopedic, dental, skin, and eye difficulties.

Shih Tzu

Maltese dogs live up to 15 years and are generally healthy. These dogs need companionship and training to avoid separation anxiety. Dental disease is common in tiny breeds.


Smart and popular Yorkshire terriers are not lap dogs. Although they defend and vocalize like terriers, they love their families. Vet-cleaned Yorkies can live 13–15 years.

Yorkshire Terrier

Friendly, dominant Pomeranians. Family-protecting dogs. Training makes 14–16-year-old pets. Dental problems, heart disease, collapsing trachea, and luxating patellas plague this breed.


Medium-sized shiba inus live 14–16 years. These dogs are stubborn and reserved. They're clean, quiet, and devoted. Properly cared for, allergic pets are healthy.

Shiba Inu

15-year-old beagles. These medium-sized dogs like kids, other dogs, and cat-friendly cats. Exercise, play, and attention keep beagles from misbehaving and barking.


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