English Pointer

English pointers are popular, flexible, and hardworking. Agility, canicross, obedience, and field contests suit their enthusiasm and drive. Domestic English pointers are gentle.

English Setter

The breed is quite placid and likes mild youngsters and other canines. Unlike some pointing breeds, English setters are calmer around the house.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Germany is recognized for breeding hunting dogs. Some experts think they're the best all-around hunting dog. GSPs are smart, cheerful, and affectionate. Their webbed feet adore water.


Brittanys point. 17th-century Northern Brittany dogs. Medium-sized, adaptable hunting dogs. Popular due to size, skills, and temperament. They like sensitive youngsters and other dogs.

Bracco Italiano

The bracco, a reliable field dog, is calmer at home than other pointing breeds. They're affectionate family dogs. Drools and speaks. North America has few.


The tribesman's nimble canines were superb hunters. For their speed and agility, noblemen valued them. Vizslas are loyal, versatile, and big-hearted.


Weimaraners also point. Big game hunting made the Weimaraner a popular gun dog. Germany and elsewhere prized their pointing and retrieving talents.

Problem-solving dogs. Enrichment keeps kids busy and prevents home mischief. Weimarans adore people.

 Irish setter

Irish setters were hunter-bred. It guides gamebird hunters. These dogs hunt in meadows and moors. They smell birds. The Irish setter points to the concealed fowl.

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