Find out what's causing your hair to thin

Age thins hair.Stress, hormones, medicine, vitamin deficiencies, chemical hair services, color processing, hot equipment, tension, and overprocessed color amenities can cause hair loss.

To pinpoint the cause of hair loss after 50, see your hairstylist and doctor. It's usually internal or external.Identifying the source helps you discover a targeted remedy.

Invest in a product that thickens

You've probably wondered if hair-thickening products work. They do. Keratin, biotin, collagen, and other hair-growth ingredients are prescribed. These chemicals volumize 

strengthen hair without adding weight.Doctors prescribe. Dutasteride, minoxidil, tretinoin, spironolactone, and ketoconazole. Doctors recommend hair loss remedies.

Go for a shampoo that adds volume

Age changes hair needs. Our scalps produce less oil and sebum in our 60s, making hair dry and wiry. Change your wash procedure.Age-specific shampoo and conditioner are essential.

Mild shampoo should not deplete scalp oils. To strengthen strands, choose products with collagen and keratin. A volumizing or thickening solution can also lift hair.

Improve your current hair care routine

Maintain thick hair in your 60s with better haircare.  Trim every six to eight weeks to avoid split ends and breakaways. Scalp massages improve circulation and hair growth.

Avoid heat and over-styling. Wide-tooth combs are softer on wet hair.Silk pillowcases and headscarves prevent friction. These changes thicken and strengthen hair.

Boost your diet

Food influences hair more than ever. Hair growth requires egg protein and biotin. These nutrients promote hair loss. Berries provide vitamins and antioxidants.

After fish, leafy greens. Spinach contains folate, iron, vitamins A and C, and hair growth. Omega-3 fatty acids in mackerel, salmon, and herring may promote hair growth and density.

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