Pisces crave drama. Pisces, the original misery loves company group, seeks out pain to prove they were right.Pisces craves pain and uses their fear of being harmed to attract it.


Leo's ego is like a bubble—the bigger it is, the easier it is to break. If that bubble bursts, Leo will be deeply hurt.

Leo fears rejection because they need approval. They're really trusting. They require affection, yet they know themselves and shatter if trust is violated.


The Sagittarians have recovered from their injuries. You hurt yourself, and now you know better than to be so trusting in the future. 

Sag is the zodiac's schmuck because he never stops believing in love and happiness, even when it hurts. They grow intellectually but rarely defend themselves.


Aries is so in tune with their feelings and weaknesses that it's nearly a full-time job to keep it all in check, so it's natural that they would be afraid of getting wounded.

Aries may be forceful, yet they are one of the most sensitive signs and take pain seriously. They nearly incite treachery.


Your Gemini buddy has blocked you because they don't want to talk to you. To be friends with a Gemini is to constantly tiptoe around difficult emotions.

Gemini, one of the weakest signs, defends themselves by being excessively chilly to friends and family. They avoid intimacy and warmth because they can't handle being wounded.


Scorpio is such a control freak that they try to predict how people will hurt them and whether they will. Scorpio fears you will betray them, so they cut you off.

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