Curly Lob

 When done perfectly, they frame your face wonderfully and humorously. Style them easily. The perfect bob and perfectly groomed wavy bangs are easygoing.

Blunt Bob

Blunt cuts are timeless and trendy. They also require little maintenance. The blunt cut adds volume and makes your ends look healthy.

Retro Half-Up

This look is timeless, yet it's still a lot of fun thanks to its Bardot-inspired aesthetic. It adds some flair to an otherwise simple cut. 

Middle Part

A wavy lob with bangs that are separated down the middle give off the vibe of a boho shag, especially when combined together.

Long Layers

Your hair will always have dimension and texture thanks to the long layers and scruffy bangs you've chosen. It will also grow out naturally between trims.

High Pony

Instead of a slicked back look, add bangs to this classy haircut. Splitting the bangs and combing them to the side adds more texture.

Long Pixie

Pixies are constantly daring. Shortening your hair is risky. Try a long pixie. Long pixies with side-swept bangs can be braided or pinned back.

Curly Topknot

Easy topknots. Bangs boost this simple style. You may fake bangs by leaving a few curly hairs out of the front of your topknot. Enhance your crown with a headband or folded bandana.

Boho Board Straight

Boho Straight Board Style your hair in pin-straight strands and part it down the center to reveal long, feathery bangs.

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