Vizslas are active. They're active hunters, pointers, and retrievers. They're dangerous untapped. The Vizsla's trainability and closeness to owners make them ideal athletic partners. 


Siberian Huskies love cold weather. These pups pulled sleds over difficult terrain, so they can hike or run long distances. They're great athletic partners. 

siberian husky

Border Collies are smart, hardworking, and almost obsessively athletic. They were bred to be champion sheep herders and excel in most sports. Border Collies are ideal athletic partners. 

border collie

Smart, active Jack Russells. JRTs dig holes and win dog competitions, helping you achieve athletic goals. Active owners are best because this dog can be destructive if not exercised. 

Jack Russell Terrier

Labs are adaptable. This smart dog needs mental and physical stimulation to avoid destruction. Labrador Retrievers are agile. It's perfect. 

Labrador Retriever

Australian Shepherds are active and focused. Hour-long herding dogs need these traits. Aussies love flyball, tracking, and obedience, which apply to any pet sport. 

Australian Shepherd

Greyhounds can run almost 44 mph. The Greyhound may help sprinters improve. Like any 100m sprinter, these pups need rest after sprinting and are known as 44-mph couch potatoes. 


Rat Terriers are American hunting, pest control, family, and farm dogs. They enjoy hiking, jogging, and lounging. Obedient, agile, and trainable. 

Rat Terrier

Weimaraners love open spaces. Hunters can run and handle rough terrain. Their low-maintenance grey coat helps them handle hot climates and active sports. 


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