Travel-friendly Bishon Frise dogs are stylish. They travel by car, plane, or handbag and are always happy. The Bichon will happily accompany you to the store or out-of-town. 

Bichon Frise

Looking for a playmate? Border Collies may be good pets. This energetic medium-sized dog rarely tires before you! This dog is multicolored and happy. This herding dog may gather kids! 

border collie

Need a tough dog for your commute? Hiking or jogging with this fearless medium-sized dog is safe. Strong dogs. They're happy anywhere. Seniors enjoy their company. 


Bulldogs are great companions if you like to relax! This short, stout dog is loving and has cute wrinkles. This one is laid-back and likes to be petted. 


This tiny friend is perfect for small spaces. Toy breed! Shopping or flying with smooth or long-coated dogs is ideal. Chihuahua holiday! 


"Goldies" are true friends. Kind, gentle, loving, and friendly. Because they love companionship and sharing sweetness, many use this dog in therapy. Families and singles love this pup

golden retriever

Dog lovers love poodles! Rightly so. They're friendly and loved by cat lovers! Poodles fit any lifestyle. Their three sizes suit any occasion. Great non-shedding fur!


A small, loving dog? Miniature Schnauzers are friendly hunters.  His middle name is friendly but protective. He'll please you. Travel or watch TV with this pup. He likes both. 

Miniature Schnauzer

Sports anyone? A great pet, this sporting breed loves attention. Pet and kiss it forever. This medium-small dog likes park runs, car rides, and couch naps. Friend forever. 

Cocker Spaniel

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