Chihuahuas are fun travel companions. Their little bodies don't need much exercise, so you'll need to stretch before them. Take your Chihuahua to Mexico, its national symbol. 


Maltese are smart, friendly, and affectionate. They're seven pounds and easy to load. Your Maltese's big, dark eyes beg for a car ride. 


English Bulldogs are brave and determined. Despite their scowl, this strongman is funny and friendly. They're stubborn until they snore. These guys entertain kids on road trips. 


"Travels with Charley" follows Steinbeck's Standard Poodle across America. These active dogs bond with their owners like Charley. This road dog doesn't shed, so no car vacuuming! 

Standard Poodle

The Clumber Spaniel is a good road dog because it's calm. As you travel, these entertaining dogs will go with the flow. These classy friends are kings' hunting partners. 

Clumber Spaniel

Why Labrador Retrievers? They're loyal and calm. Stop frequently to stimulate pups. These friendly dogs will make friends everywhere on a road trip. 

Labrador Retreiver

Big Basset Hound ears flapping in the wind are fun! This scent hound is your navigator. Low-key, confident, and adventurous. Your dog co-pilot may fall asleep on long drives. 

Bassett Hound

Frenchie owners say their dogs are loving and happy. Clowns love attention and want to be involved in everything. French Bulldogs love rides—except to the vet! 

French Bulldog

Japanese Chins are small, indoor pets. Just keep them on your co-pilots' laps! These pups are trainable and vigilant without being aggressive. Japanese Chins love wind in their thick mane and plumed tail. 

Japanese Chin

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