Smart, loyal, and powerful Rottweilers. They protect their herd and humans. Their family-loving friendliness and protectiveness make them the best. 


German Shepherds are popular police and military dogs in the US and brave family protectors. They protect family members, even cats. These smart, loyal dogs are ideal for families. 

German Shepherd

Police and military use Dobermans because of their protective nature. They are smart and brave. Dobies are fast, so they can chase away intruders no matter how fast they are. 

Doberman Pinscher

In Japan, the Akita Inu was bred to hunt and fight bears. They love their families and other pets, so you can have a cuddly canine kid who will protect you. 

akita inu

Though playful, this family dog was bred to protect! Boxers are loyal, suspicious, and strong. This laid-back pooch just wants to snuggle with their family. 


This loyal pony-sized dog is intimidating. This territorial giant protects you and yours between kisses! The largest Schnauzer is affectionate but needs lots of training. 

Giant Schnauzer

Deceptive fluffy coat! These big pups can guard your yard by scaring bears. Brave gentle giants work hard. This dog's bark alerts strangers! 

Great Pyrenees

Intruders fear Pit Bulls! This fearsome breed can protect your family. Pitties are loving, playful, and patient with kids, making them the perfect companion! 

American Pit Bull Terrier

In the 1700s, a Bulldog and a Mastiff were bred to create a large, gentle watchdog. They're affectionate and cuddly, but if someone threatens their humans, they'll run. 


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