Medium-sized Bull Terriers are hyperactive. Bullies can be destructive if they can't run around. Bull Terriers need a big backyard to explore. 

bull terrier

Pointers are happiest outdoors. These energetic pups hunt fowl and prefer working to lounging. To stay entertained, they need a big backyard to sniff around in. 


Long-legged Irish Wolfhounds are adorable. They prefer lots of space because they can cross a room in one stride at over thirty inches tall. Big dogs need big yards! 

Irish Wolfhound

Cattle herders used Lancashire Heelers. These tiny dogs are full of energy and need to move. Heelers love a big backyard to run in! 

Lancashire Heeler

The hunting Vizsla loves to run. The Vizsla loves running full speed. These dogs need a big backyard to exercise daily. 


Puptastic German Shepherds love big yards. Pacing a backyard is a favorite activity for these adorable dogs. Puptastic pups hate being confined. 

German Shepherd 

Bullmastiffs require a large yard due to their size. These solid beauties weigh up to 130 pounds. Puppy mass! These friendly giants need space to lounge. 


Boxers are great indoor dogs but need a big yard. The more outdoor space they have, the better. Boxers love playing in big backyards. 


Anatolian Shepherds love open spaces. Small yards and apartments don't suit them. Herders by nature, they must move and check their territory or become frustrated. This dog needs a big yard. 

Anatolian Shepherd

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