Big, loving Labs "retrieve" hidden treasures with their keen hearing. They can hear rustling underbrush, birds flying, and whitetail deer on the trail. These dogs are best-eared! 

Labrador Retriever

The Shepherd's erect, pointed ears and intelligence when a sound catches his attention make him a hearing master. German Shepherds are pack protectors and home and yard guardians. 

German Shepherd

Poodles—standard, miniature, or toy—can weigh what they hear and ignore what's unimportant. Poodles obey. Long, floppy ears watch over family members. 


Cocker Spaniels were once hunting dogs. Their ears helped humans hunt squirrels. Today, they're mostly lap dogs that watch squirrels on TV and in the yard! 

Cocker Spaniel

Tibet's sheep, avalanche, earthquake, and mudslide warnings raised the confident, sometimes comical Llasa Apso. They're the first to hear the baby, dad's car, or a visitor. Good pup! 

Llasa Apso

Bostonians have good hearing. They drool at the sound of forks on dinner plates, bark at quiet intruders, and get excited by sirens. Squeaks and cat footsteps annoy them. 

Boston Terrier

Chihuahuas have big ears too! Sleeping dogs miss little. They react to parents waking up or the scary vacuum cleaner in another room! Cute drama dog hears everything! 


Schnauzers hear danger and the food dish! Even with music or TV, Schnauzers hear the mailman or doorbell. While saying, "Go away," their humans can investigate or get the mail. 

Miniature Pinscher

French Bulldogs' ears are alert and ready to go! Frenchies can hear the faintest sounds, making them good watchdogs. They bark like little Danger Alarms! 

French Bulldog

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