The St. Bernard with a brandy barrel under its chin is famous worldwide for saving over 2,500 lost travelers in Switzerland's snow. These friendly pups will charm the neighbors. 


Roman mastiffs and herding dogs created this long-haired, tricolor fur-pup. Mountain dogs are dependable. Mastiffs and St. Bernards take up more bed and couch space! 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Due to their apparent ability to judge humans and dogs, these elegant French giants make excellent watchdogs. These calm pups will defend their homes. Their thick coats protect them from predators and cold. 

Great Pyrenees

Switzerland's cattle-driving Swissy was once a working dog. They even fought alongside their humans when needed. They're alert and ready to charge into battle, but they're also gentle and affectionate. 

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Huskies from Arctic Siberia pulled sleds and herded reindeer. Their gentle, independent nature makes them easy to live with. Loving a Husky means loving their clownish "singing" and "talking" expressions. 

Siberian Husky 

Viking ships brought these Icelandic dogs in the 9th century. They are strong herders who have served this cold, unforgiving nation for centuries. They keep lone sheep- and goat-herders warm. 

Icelandic Sheepdog

This breed is unknown to many. The smallest of the four Swiss mountain dog breeds, these guys make great family dogs and are happiest working. They love hiking and playing. 

Entlebucher Sennenhund

Italian-bred pups are the best sheep and pack guards, including humans. They're too active for a city apartment. When buying furniture, consider their solid white, long coats. 

Maremma Sheepdog

This black-and-white dog lives in Karelia, Russia-Finland. It is ideal for search-and-rescue, hunting, and companionship. Quiet independence makes it easy to care for. 

Karakachan Bear Dog

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