Poodles are food allergy and home care dogs. Three sizes of poodles fit your needs. This dog can pick up food allergens and open doors!


For a blind person, this German Shepherd is ideal. This strong, loving dog can lead you safely down any street, and their size is perfect for keeping you stable. 

German Shepherd

Have a small dog help your disability? Diabetics and asthmatics love Pomeranians! This fluffy pup can help you hear the doorbell or phone! 


This calm, strong therapy dog helps autistic children. Their size aids blind and unbalanced people. They detect seizures. This gentle dog will help.

Golden Retriever

This big, loyal service dog is great. Collies detect seizures. They calm patients. This dog is a good family pet due to its size, beauty, and dedication.


This large dog helps balance-challenged people recover from falls. Due to intelligence and training, they open doors, make decisions, and identify issues. Patience charms. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

This military dog assists police. Smart and brave. Medium-sized dogs deter intruders. This adorable dog makes a great pet. 

Belgian Malinois

This white, fluffy dog is too cute to work, right? No way. They work. This medium-sized dog alerts seizure sufferers. Service dogs love helping their best friend. 


Farm Border Collies herd sheep. Search and rescue dogs should be considered. They can work outside all day in any weather. They can also gather kids. 

Border Collie

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