These tiny beauties fit under your feet in a plane carry-on. Quiet but nervous. Wheel their travel crates around the terminal for long layovers.


A Chihuahua can be slung, strolled, strapped into a car seat, and tucked under a plane seat. They want to be with their people and have fun!


This cute, fluffy dog loves attention and will draw attention at airports and train stations. They're optimistic and adventurous, and they'll love the new scents at your destination. 

Bichon Frise

Labs prefer road trips to flying crates with suitcases. These guys are happiest with their families, sitting with their heads out the window, ears flapping, and teeth showing! Stay home!

Labrador Retriever

They're huge. They need a big backseat. Yes, you'll need lots of dog food. Great Danes are good RV, car, and camping companions. They'll hike and watch the camper!

Great Dane

These feisty pups love adventure and adapt well to most travel. Their alertness and attention make traveling more fun. When they're tired, they're happy to be pushed in a stroller.


Due to their size and ability to endure long car or train rides with lots of cuddles, these pups are ideal for any kind of travel. Traveling with them calms kids.

Shih Tzu

Love biking or motorcycling? Frenchies are great pets! They like fresh air and fit in backpacks or bike carriers. Most helmets, vests, and goggles fit. Bike on!

French Bulldog

Large dogs like goldens are crated below decks on planes. Fur-pups love outdoor travel! Hiking, swimming, and keeping people warm make them great camping companions!

Golden Retriever

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