Bob cut

Bobs are timeless. Because of the cut's length, you only need a little product to define and volumize your hair.

It gives hair body and volume, making it fuller and more bright, making it suitable for this age group. Add layers, bangs, or angles to a bob cut.

Pixie Cut Style

Curly hair types that want a short, low-maintenance hairstyle should consider the pixie.The only styling and maintenance it calls for is a short cut every few months to keep

it appearing current. It makes the face look more refreshed while maintaining the hair's gentle, natural appearance. You and your hairstylist can experiment to find the perfect cut for you.

Layered Cut style

For ladies over 55 with naturally wavy hair, a layered cut that ranges from bob to long is a great option. The layers provide structure and definition, making it unnecessary to spend time curling the hair.

After shampooing, you can just blow dry it for a professionally styled look. Many seek out the layers for their desirable softening effect.

Lob Style

Long, low-maintenance lobs suit most facial shapes and hair types. Byrdie is fantastic for thin hair. Add a little mousse, flip the head, and scrunch the hair

while drying for fullness. To finish, flip hair up and use your fingers to tousle it from below. Lightweight hairspray finishes the look. 

Choppy Bob

Choppy bobs are unusual cuts. Stanley says it suits most individuals and requires little maintenance. For definition and volume, use texture spray before leaving.

Choppy layers make hair thicker and younger. This style is hip and edgy. Personalize with clips, barrettes, headbands, and more.

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