Take cues from your skin tone

Natural color works. The ideal highlight looks natural and bold. This approach makes hair look natural and trendy.Departing from your natural look requires

more salon visits and attention.Discuss highlights with your hairdresser. Each appearance should complement a person's hair, eye, and skin color.

Put in some frames for your face

Face-framing highlights hide hairline grays. Your features will determine how. Gray hair is always silvery and cool-toned, so use warmer secondary colors for-

warmer skin tones and cooler shades for cooler complexions.Professionals can determine your warm-cool spectrum and highlight shade.

Keep up with repairs and upkeep

Ask your stylist about maintenance and lifestyle before having highlights.For someone who doesn't want their hair done often,

I'd add less highlights on top and distribute them in the back. I would add more highlights to the front and top of the head for a frequent visitor.

Consult a specialist

Do not attempt to do this yourself. Make sure that your natural grays are blended in by a hair specialist so that the end result looks natural and complements your age.

 If done correctly, this will also prevent irreparable damage being done to the hair by an amateur.

Boost the health of your hair after treatment

Dry, brittle gray and color-treated hair. Thus, highlight hair requires meticulous maintenance.Keep gray hair shiny.Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

A weekly moisturizing hair mask will make it shine like silver. Heat protectant is essential. Thus, you can prolong and enhance your highlights.

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