Ragdolls are gentle. Ragdolls follow their owners everywhere, play fetch with them, and welcome them home from work. Ragdolls like kids and other pets.

Scottish Fold

Ears naturally folded forward. Cat lovers liked their unique folds, so breeders bred them. Their ears are unusual. Gentle Scots abhor loneliness. This breed doesn't travel well.


Furless sphynx cats need heat. Sphynxes love people. Kitties receive what they need as their people get close. Sphynxes resemble live hot water bottles.

Maine Coon

Maine scoundrels. Viking cats may be responsible. These gigantic kittens may be raccoon-cat hybrids. These loving cats enjoy family dinners and couch time. Maine coons hunt.


Siamese cats talk a lot. Sociable. Mask-wearing Siamese cats have pale blue eyes. Cat lovers everywhere admire their sweetness and friendliness.


This unusual North American breed has a devoted following. Bombay cat owners love their affection. Its sleek black coat and bright copper eyes distinguish it from other breeds. 


Breeders wanted a calmer, smarter Siamese. Tonkinese are Siamese-Burmese hybrids. Tonks love humans. Friendly, lively, and affectionate. Want attention.

American Shorthair

North Americans love them for their affection and bright coats. Active families with children love American shorthairs. American shorthairs are affectionate but undemanding.


Beautiful Birman kitties. Birmans are elegant with piercing blue eyes and beautiful silken coats. Birmans like everyone, including pets. They play with all pets.

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