Dogs Bite—Why?

Dogs typically attack humans when they feel threatened. Domesticated dogs retain this instinct from their wild ancestors. 

That's why knowing what can cause a dog to act aggressively is crucial for anyone who comes into contact with canines.


When threatened, a dog may bite to protect itself, its territory, or a pack member. A mother dog is equally protective of her offspring.


Dogs are easily startled, and they may bite if you wake them asleep or sneak up on them from behind.


It's possible for a dog to bite if you run away from it, even if you're only playing with it.

It's possible that the dog thinks running away is part of the game, but in certain breeds, it can also elicit behaviors like herding or predatory pursuit.


Anyone who approaches a dog that is in a scared scenario runs the risk of the dog biting them. It's possible that a circumstance like this could be something-

as serious as being mistreated or left by the side of the road, but it could also be something that seems quite normal to you, like a loud noise.


Injuries and illnesses are also prevalent causes. A sick or hurt dog may not want to be petted or approached by its favorite people.

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