Aries, you tend to work alone since you believe you are the best person for the project at hand. To want to get things done is not egotistical.

Aries isn't afraid to take the initiative to accomplish their goals. Your ability to fend for yourself is another evidence of your inherent brilliance.


You want success and don't wait for others. You're self-sufficient, independent, and ready to handle any challenge.Virgos are driven, private, and love working alone.


You're a Cancer, thus you value your privacy. You have an eye for aesthetics, a passion for the kitchen, and an innate desire to make other people happy.

That's good—you like to please yourself most. You receive whatever you need, your way, without other people's ideas or judgments, which really annoys you.


You are extremely independent, and this is because you despise being dependent on other people.

As the most free-spirited of the signs, you don't view relying on yourself as a last resort but rather as your preferred method of operation.


A Gemini's independence is something they actively seek for. You don't follow the rules; in fact, you actively defy them by following your own path.

You enjoy your own company more, and you get a sense of satisfaction from achieving tremendous success on your own, without the assistance of anyone else.


You love it alone and in groups. Leo loves everything.Though you like self-reliance among others, you always have fun alone. You like not saying thanks.

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